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.::P-A app: Kenny Westwood::. by RosieSakura .::P-A app: Kenny Westwood::. by RosieSakura
Don't judge me with making characters and joining more groups it's tempting I'm sorryyyyyy. QQmQQ
I swear if I continue like this I'mma choke myself with my tablet wire. ;;m;;
Anyway, here's my new baby, Kenny!
and no this is not a southpark reference get your ass out of here. :stare:
:bulletorange: Name: Kennith "Kenny" Westwood (prisoner#: 0873)
:bulletblack: Age: 19 
:bulletgreen: Gender: girly ass MALE 
:bulletorange: Species: Deerling
:bulletblack: Birthday: July 11. (7/11)

:bulletgreen: Job: Helper (Comvicts)

:bulletorange: Weapon: Gardening Shears (since it has a loose bolt, it's sometimes used as a double melee weapon) (blades are also coated with poison)

:bulletblack: Nature: Naive

:bulletgreen: Summary Characteristic: Throughly cunning 

:bulletorange: Ability: Chlorophyll

:bulletblack: Moveset:
:icondarktypeplz: Faint Attack
:iconfightingtypeplz: Jump Kick
:icongrasstypeplz: Energy ball
:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic (TM)

:bulletgreen: History:

Kenny was born in a poor family in a town called South Park and he made friends with a bunch of...

Just kidding. Let's get serious thou.

Kenny was born in a normal family in Lavarre City in Kalos with a Sawbucks mother and father. It didn't seem so bad; Mr. Westwood was botanist and Mrs. Westwood was a florist. Plants did run through the families vains, not to mention it ran thorugh the whole family tree's lifestyle. Kenny was different in a certain way; he was interested in different fungus that grew along the woods in the back of his house. The various shapes, the bright colors, and the mushy texture just caught the little deerling's attention. Everyday after school, he'll just run towards those wood and come back home all filthy with his hands filled with mushrooms. His parents wasn't so impressed; seeing their son all covered in dirt and holding something poisonous just send chills through their spines. So in order for his to stop, they limited his playtime in half and allowed him to play indoors during the rest of the seasons expect for summer.

A few months passed, The little deerling was stuck inside of his room either doing his homework or watching television like a normal kid; he wished that someday that he could go back and pick those mushrooms again. One day, he discovered a patch of mushrooms growing inside of his closet. The deerling was thrilled, so he continued to water his carpets and enclose his closet to make a mushroom garden. Harvest season came, and Kenny was able to pick up some brown delicious-looking mushrooms. After that, he snuck it into the soup his mother made that night. Dinner time came, his mother at the soup first and in a few seconds she fell to the grounds, dead. When the outbreak hit, both him and his dad came in to check it out; Mr. Westwood screaming, and Kenny crying and replying "I'm sorry." The neighbors got scared and called the cops to investagate the problem, but before they came, Kenny blurted out that he accidently and unknowingly killed his mother with the mushrooms he secretly grew in his closet. Kenny was still a kid at that time and it would be really bitter to see a young child going to court. Once the police came, Mr. Westwood lied to them that he murdered his wife, and got arrested instead. Leaving the poor deerling alone with no one to care for.

Kenny later moved to Azalea Town, Johto, where his rapidash aunt lived. That place isn't so bad; his aunt was nice and the rest of the neighborhood is also nice too. Still, the deerling was still unsatisfied. Ms. Burgin (Kenny's aunt) guessed it was a side effect for kids to act that way if something like that happened; so in that case, she spoiled him.

The deerling's interest in mushrooms grew ever since that incident. He was glad to find a few new species of them near the wells of that town and would always hide them in a shoebox and under his bed. His interests for "incidental deaths" also grew more. Late at night, he'll feel pass wild animals these mushrooms and see them suffer a poisonous death. Kenny also continue his mushroom garden by growing them in his new closet, the corners of his room (covered by clothes), and under his bed. During his teen ages, his interest of suffering kills turned into pure murder. If there was a bully that hurt him? Poison him with those mushrooms. A stranger who wanted him to come and follow them? Poison them with candy coated with the poison of the mushrooms. A person he doesn't like? Offer them poison mushroom soup. Months past by, the number or deaths increased in Azalea Town and people start to move away. His aunt started panicking and decided to move somewhere secluded from fungi-filled areas. Kenny didn't like that all, so he murdered his aunt by poisoning her tea. Unfortunent for him, he was caught by the local cops and was arrested for 1st degree murder the cost of murders he did with the local residents. The deerling was send to a Goldenrod Prison, the biggest criminal jailhouse in Johto, to correct his murderous behavior and wait until his execution date.

A few years past ever since Kenny was locked up in his cell; the apocalypse came. Goldenrod was swarmed with mounds and mounds of zombies! The guards and a few escaping prisoners were turned into undead creatures; those of the surviving convicts and Kenny were safe from this horrible outbreak. Finally after many years of waiting, the deerling grabbed onto a pair of garden shears found along the prison's local garden and smiled. This will be a long journey of survival....better get prepared.

:bulletorange: Personality:
+ Playful
+ Respectful
+ Courageous
+ Honest
+ Energetic

- Childish
- Annoying
- Somewhat insane
- Clingy
- Destructive
- Deceiving
- Foul mouth

:bulletblack: Hobbies: Hanging around rooftops/ abandon buildings, Growing mushrooms in the corner of his cell/room, Sharping his shears, raiding abandon clothing stores (in his case "shopping"), parkour (only a little), cooking (if he feels like it), fun and games.

:bulletgreen: Likes and dislikes:
+ Mushrooms
+ Being around others (doesn't matter if dead or alive)
+ Playing
+ Killing Zombies (...i don't see the point)
+ Poisoning people ( If he likes you, he'll hand you an antidote just in case he accidently "poisons" you)

- Bossy people/ Rules
- Extreme pain
- Being alone

:bulletorange: Extra:
1.) He has this large obsession/fetish for mushrooms.
2.) Has freckles all over his face, ears, shoulder/neck, thighs, and butt.
3.) Has a few piercings. Two industrial piercings on each ear and a tongue piercing.
4.) Has his criminal number written on the back of his neck (0873) and a normal tattoo on back.
5.) He cooks only if he has a yearning of home-made food.
     - He makes a mean mushroom soup yo
        - Have I told you it's made from poisonous mushrooms?
           - and it's the only thing he could make?
6.) He carries an antidote per day in case he "accidentally" poisons someone.
7.) He dresses up as if he raided a Pokemon Hot Topic
     - Which he did.
8.) Kenny likes mushrooms more than flowers weirdo
9.) Stomp on his mushroom garden I dare you.
10.) Changes colors depending on the seasons (as all deerling do)
     - His fur is a bit pale/ gruesome-looking from his obsession (that ain't healthy)
11.) His flower changes status depending on his health
     - Fully bloom means that he's healthy or in good condition.
     - Grossish yellow or wilting means that he's injuries badly or sickish.
     - A blackish-brown and wrinkled bud means that he's dead.
12.) He use to play the bass when he was a mere child, but he forgot most of his songs.
13.) Despite being a semi-psycho, he's still a vegetarian.
     - But he's totally capable of seeing raw or cooked meat.
14.) Have I told you that he likes mushrooms?
15.) Not sure about his sexuality so let's say he's bi for now.

:bulletblack: Theme song: Told Ya So by Get Scared [link] (just for now)
Kenny + art (c) me/ RosieSakura
Group is Poke-Apocalypse
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