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December 1, 2013
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.::Pokemon-amie app: Avalen 'Ivan' ::. by RosieSakura .::Pokemon-amie app: Avalen 'Ivan' ::. by RosieSakura


Congratulations Rosie you just made yourself the rip-off genderbent version of Weiss. :stare:
Na jkjk. I thought of this coincidentally. 
Okay, but here's my bby Ivan ~
his real name is the same as my OC's name darn it.
EDIT: Added more detail on the personality.


:bulletred: Pokemon: Abomasnow
:bulletgreen: Nicknames: (Real) Avalen; (Use) Ivan
:bulletwhite: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Birthdate: May the 13th; 5/ 13
:new::bulletgreen: Current Age: 21
:bulletwhite: Orientation: He's asexual; but he's actually straight and a little bicurious. He thinks relationships aren't necessary.
:bulletorange: Faction: Gang Frou

:bulletred: Family:
:bulletblack: Father: Lindsin [Roserade]
:bulletblack: Mother: Bliss [Abomasnow] 
:bulletblack: Siblings: (refered to as a sibling) Blairia [Aurorus]  
:bulletred: Romantic Partner: N/A
:bulletpurple: Offspring: N/A

Pokemon Stats

:new::bulletgreen: Current Level: 47 
:bulletwhite: Nature: Calm
:bulletred: Moves:
:icongrasstypeplz: Wood Hammer
:icongrasstypeplz: Magical Leaf (egg move)
:iconicetypeplz: Blizzard
:icongrasstypeplz: Grass Whistle

:bulletgreen: Battle Stats:
:bulletblack: Attack: :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
:bulletblack: Defense: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletblack: Speed: :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletblack: Sp. Attack: :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
:bulletblack: Sp. Defense: :star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

:bulletwhite: Residence: The deeper part of Frost Cavern

PokeHuman Stats

:bulletred: Occupation: Competitor Fencer (entertainment uses for other people) and part-time mythologist
:bulletgreen: Town of Residence: Some sort of cabin and villa mixture he rented with the money he earned in Snowbelle City
:bulletwhite: Appearance: Ivan is a tall man with light platinum blonde hair, fair skin, and light green eyes. He's tall and lanky in body shape from all of the snow he lost during his abandonment. He's always seen in any type of formal attire such. Instead of wearing t-shirts, jeans, and old sneakers; he dresses in formal tuxes, pointed shoes, and capes. He's always seen with gloves covering his hands; if not, you'll see scars and blisters all over them. 


:bulletred: Personality:
 Ivan is usually the calm person during serious situations. He acts mature for his age and act if he was a higher class then others, just like his father. Sometimes, he'll just act like a big brother towards others, just like his sister. It's known for others that he's mostly acting politely and kindly towards others, trying to somewhat make others feels comfortable rather then being separated from different class standards. It's not really often to see him depressed, offended, or angry at points of time; this usually occurs if something personal happens or such. Ivan's also really sensitive if he loses someone close to him or sees blood; it gives him a rather big headache. He's a rather social guy, maybe luring your interest over to him and sometimes sweet-talking his way out. Speaking about high standard, Ivan thinks about acting like this since it makes him feel important in certain ways. Hey! you may never know if someone my get your order now faster, get a meal in a short amount of time, or be treated respectfully just because of their personality. That all he cares.

:bulletgreen: History:
 Ivan was born by a Abomasnow mother and a Roserade father, both of them raised by a trainer by the name of Vienna Monty. The snover was given the name of Avalen and was raised and trained by his trainer with love and kindness. He was treated like part of the family with his master and his other teammates, his mother and father training him from time to time, and Vienna often takes the team to the fanciest of restaurants in all of the Kalos Region. Life was going swell for the snover, it' was like an opportunity for him to even deserve all of this loving and sympathy. He had a teammate on Vienna's team in which he called a sister, Blairia, an amaura. Despite they aren't related, they treat each other very closely and formed a bond which can't be broken; Vienna understand this bond, and decided to keep the two in the same party. After a time of hard yet satisfying training and the best care around, Avalen eventually evolved from a snover to a abomasnow. Not only that, he was given the opportunity of being his trainer's 2nd best pokemon in her party. His "sister" also evolved, from a amaura to a beautiful aurorus. From the two of the ice pokemon's eyes, they were unstoppable. Their trainer continued to turn her team into the best of all of Kalos. Until a tragic incident happened.

 There was a battle between Vienna and another pokemon trainer. The pokemon used was Vienna's Aurorus and the trainer's aerodactyl. It all about to go well, Vienna's team was winning and they're going to receive their 55th victory streak. "Aerodactyl use earthquake." The battle ground shook and then next thing you know it, Blairia's dead and pulled under the cracks of the earth. The opposite trainer was truly sorry for what he has done and tried to make up for the lost of Vienna's pokemon. Avalen, unfortunately, when on a streak of sorrow and depression. But as time passed, he continued on being loyal towards Vienna and let Blairia's death passed him.

 One day, His trainer was traveling on Route 13 with her pokemon at hand. There was a strong dust storm this time and Vienna didn't realize that Avalen's pokeball accidentally rolled out of her bag and away the opposite direction. He was lucky enough to caught and released by a wild gible, who mistaken the pokeball he was in as a cheri berry; but he had to get out of this mess before he actually dies in this harsh environment. Avalen walked from miles to miles towards the exit of route 13 and melted a few pounds of snow from the harsh summer sun, making him look like an unhealthy and sickly abomasnow. He was about to give up hope decided to give up his life in that pathway called hell until he stepped on something that changed forever, a dittech. After stepping onto that "thing", the sun's rays started to feel nice rather then melting the skin right off of you. That's when he realized that he was human and started to panic; but once thinking about it what has happened, he had no choice but to grab the tech and run towards the exit; not to mention that wild 'mons are chasing him. That outbreak fortunately allowed him to reach to Lumiose City. He never seen everything so vast during his life of being a pokemon. He walked from place to place and saw the amazing things about that large city. He wanted to find his trainer, but this beautiful scenery wouldn't last forever on him; so instead, he stayed.

Avalen temporarily changed his name to Ivan in case of his trainer comes to find him. He roamed through city to city, trying to find a job in order to support himself and his lifestyle of being human. From assistant manager to a cashier, nothing seemed to fit his taste. He was more looking for a refined or elegant job, most of them don't seem to fit his category. One day, he was walking around the area to find a suitable job and ended up in a building for fencing competitions. He was mistaken for a fencer because of his formal white outfit, despite of not learning how to even fence. It was hard for him to even fence his way out, but he manage to win, somehow. This caused him to gain somewhat fame and attention, not to mention a good payment. This gave him the job of being a competitor fencer. During this, he also gained in interest with mythical studies and fairy tales, eventually having a job of being a mythologist.

:bulletwhite: Extras:
1.) If he's not wearing gloves, you'll see him wearing either dark green or black nail polish.
2.) He speaks in a well mannered way.  (He calls boys sir, young man, or mister; and he calls girls lady, miss, mistress, and young lady)
3.) He's get's nervous when he's near fire, even in his human form.
4.) There are some times where you'll see him with a rapier attached to his hip.
5.) His favorite colors are crimson, gold, and snow white.
6.) His favorite flower is the rose. (father's side duh)
7.) Ivan will respond if someone replies him by his old name "Avalen".
8.) He takes his jobs SERIOUSLY, it's recommended that people shouldn't simply "make fun of" or "doubt" his works.
9.) He'd rather be in his human form more then his normal pokemon form.
10.) He's very sensitive when people want to discuss about his sister's death.

:bulletred: Relationships: 

User Info

:bulletgreen: Time Zone: Central word.
:new::bulletwhite: Chat Availability: I'm always open for notes rps. Skype is a bit slow on me, but we could try. ;;w;;

:bulletred: Role-Play Example: Doesn't matter if it's Script or Paragraph, I'm up for the challange.

 Plopping gently onto a velvet armchair with china teacup in hand, Ivan sighed while staring through his cabin's window. The snow produced by the city danced down the glass, as if it was a ballet recital. His green eyes rushed from the glass toward's the fireplace; the warm flames filled the cabin with a comforting aura with his eyes reflecting the flares. The human 'mon shivered a little just thinking about the flares, turning his eyes back towards the window. The youth sighed, closing his eyes and into deep thought, a small smile crept onto his lips. " now Avalen, don't be hasty." Ivan opened his eyes once again with a full smile upon his face, "It's a bit too early to be discussing about this."
Art and Character (c) me/ RosieSakura
Application (c) Jejunity
Group is :iconpokemon-amie:

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